“Lovely” spouse has an awful nasty streak. MNHQ have commented on this thread.

“Lovely” spouse has an awful nasty streak. MNHQ have commented on this thread.

tammy are you currently pleased now? Yes We have tried keep in touch with him , absolutely cant reach him. At me or laughs at me, is absolutely never moved by me if I cry he is either angry. We have wondered if he’s a bit psychotic. Is a sweetheart that is total. Do he is loved by me? Yes yet not to your detriment of my psychological health. We do believe we look at this web site now have a rather relationship that is bad.

These episodes happen about when a month and final per week.

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i’m pleased when I have always been now, its difficult as a mum that is single i dont regret my choice. The thing that is only can recommend is you should do what’s perfect for your self along with your kids. if you are unhappy, your kids wont be. exp constantly complained that dd should have a suitable household (as in me personally and him being together) but we wasnt planning to invest the remainder of my entire life unhappy. besides i was raised with no dad, and I also think we ended up fine. as well as its perhaps perhaps not like he cant see dd, although he doesnt precisely a lot of an attempt I think.

i dont really understand what else to recommend regularhiding.

or theres counselling, but we do not understand if it will be of any assistance

regularhiding, i truly feel at you when you are crying (my ex did this to me a lot) for you and know what it’s like to have your partner laugh.

Could I simply say that in my experience these nasty streaks could get to become more and more regular and it’s also bad as they will sense a tension in the air) for you to feel you have to walk on eggshells (or the children.

You can find 2 items that you might do. First, the next time he threatens to keep, phone his bluff and tell him “there’s the home”. The reason why we state this can be he knows you think you cannot live without him in which he is playing with this (sorry however the phrase “power journey” pops into the mind). Or perhaps you could decide to try asking him why he seems the requirement to be nasty for you, but I have the sensation this could either get laughed at or end it all on you with him being in a sh**ty mood/blaming.

Then please know that yes you can cope alone and that he is revelling in the fact that he can treat you how he likes because you would never leave him if you do feel that the only reason you are with him is that you feel you couldn’t cope alone. I understand this from very first hand connection with my ex. He additionally thought i really couldn’t cope without him around (therefore did we for a long period) but he got a shock whenever their energy trips backfired on him and I also took my DS1 and relocated 500 kilometers to have far from him.

I am sorry if i have overstepped the mark or before he started hitting me that you feel I am being too harsh on your husband but what he is doing to you sounds a lot like what my ex was doing to me not long

sorry to listen to this, regularhiding. I think hiddenspirit’s post makes a complete lot of sense, unfortunately.

This noises, at the least, like psychological punishment in my experience. You noticed any other pattern emerging when you say these episodes occur once a month and last for a week, have? Can there be any such thing which generally seems to trigger them?

The worrying thing is the fact that there *is* violence, simply not inclined to you – yet. Perchance you have to look for help that is professional. You could try talking to your gp to start with if he won’t go.

Positively think you’ve got issue here. Concur that if it keeps on like this he might well get violent in your direction or the children too. Indicate you retain a diary of incidents and what takes place within the run as much as them. Decide to try composing it from his viewpoint and from yours. Should allow you to exercise exactly exactly what their thinking is and whether you’re willing to live along with it all or not. If he will not talk to you possibly he will at the least read everything you’ve written and come to realise which he requires assistance. For the time being I would personally form bullying into google and discover you skill to stop your self being bullied. Additionally look up domestic punishment. Allow it to keep on and you should lose your children’ respect along with your self that is own self- self- self- confidence. Wonder if it is a response to your AF or something like that regular at the job? Whatever, he can not act this way. You CAN manage without him!

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