Top 5 Ways To Fix Corrupt Registry In Windows 10

Starting August 2020, only Internet Explorer version 11 and later are supported for signing in. Adobe software uses Internet Explorer during the sign-in process.

After upgrading to Windows 11, VirtualBox machines will be inaccessible if you’ve Hyper-V installed. Microsoft has been testing Windows 11 with Insiders for the past three months and the company wants to ensure a bug-free experience for supported PCs. For example, Microsoft is planning to deliver a huge cumulative update to resolve many existing problems with the operating system. Open your default browser and access the home page of the Intel Driver & Support assistant web utility. Next, double-click on EnableProperly from the same key.

  • This method will automatically set the default registry entries by the windows system.
  • Select Yes to allow your device to make changes.
  • You can now right click the mounted drive in your This PC and select Eject.

Never start cleaning registry without creating a backup. As soon as you notice issues after the cleaner (e.g. a program doesn’t start as it did before), it is better to restore registry. Undeniably, Ccleaner is one of the most popular free registry cleaners among users globally.


It is nothing unusual, if you come across Windows 10 activation errors after installation. It is common, if you a receive a message stating the failure of Windows 10 activation. There are few common Windows 10 activation errors that can show up on your newly installed Windows 10. Read more to know what these activation error means, and how to fix Windows 10 activation problems below. Most Windows problems occur due to malfunctions of drivers, programs, or services that have been installed see page on your computer later – that is, over time by you as a user.

Using Regedit To Repair A System That Wont Start

After the clean install and a reboot, suddenly there were tens of thousands of file attribute errors that were automatically repaired by chkdsk at the next boot. Fortunately, the computer was still usable after the scan. The devices threw the stop error NTFS File System on reboot. Yes, kernel security check failure displays a BSoD, but don’t get intimidated by it. This error happens due to many reasons like memory issues, viruses, driver incompatibilities, and hard disk failures. Try the above solutions to understand the cause of the error and to fix the same.

Windows offers a tool that is in-built into the OS. So in this article, we will look at how to scan and fix hard drive errors in Windows 11.